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brownies, babyyy

it all started because we needed cake.

Oh, and ice cream, and also, snacks.


pick up

We offer delivery for any products 1/2kg and below.


You could place an order with us online or call us on +91 9136105835

We're open between 12:00PM - 7:00PM on Mondays.

We're open between 12:00PM - 10:30PM from Tuesday to Sunday.

To pick up orders below 1kg, we suggest Wefast, Dunzo, or SwiggyGenie.

We suggest self pick-up for orders 1kg and our collection cakes.


Monday         -         11AM - 7PM

Tuesday         -  11AM - 10:30PM

Wednesday   -  11AM - 10:30PM

Thursday        -  11AM - 10:30PM

Friday             -  11AM - 10:30PM

Saturday         -  11AM - 10:30PM

Sunday           -  11AM - 10:30PM

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