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Gift your loved ones some cake and Cahree



The heart of our desserts are simple flavours, elevated with exceptional ingredients. We bake everything on order and use the finest cacao beans and produce to create our products.

Our desserts are meant for every celebration,
from birthdays, cheat days to your everyday cravings.

Made for indulgence and sheer happiness, our products are guilty pleasures that you want to dig into with friends and family; decadent desserts to be devoured in your pajamas. 

The craving for a simple, indulgent chocolate cake (and some ice cream to top it off with) made Chef Bianca discover her passion for the art and eventually her career. Determined to hone her skills, she studied at Le Cordon Bleu in London, School for European Pastry in Mumbai and finally set up Blanchette in February 2020.

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pick up

We offer delivery for any products 1/2kg and below.


You could place an order with us online or call us on +91 9136105835

We're open between 12:00PM - 7:00PM on Mondays.

We're open between 12:00PM - 10:30PM from Tuesday to Sunday.

To pick up orders below 1kg, we suggest Wefast, Dunzo, or SwiggyGenie.

We suggest self pick-up for orders 1kg and our collection cakes.


Monday         -         11AM - 7PM

Tuesday         -  11AM - 10:30PM

Wednesday   -  11AM - 10:30PM

Thursday        -  11AM - 10:30PM

Friday             -  11AM - 10:30PM

Saturday         -  11AM - 10:30PM

Sunday           -  11AM - 10:30PM

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