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it all started because we needed cake.

Oh, and ice cream, and also, snacks.


About Chef Bianca

Founder & Head Pastry Chef

Bianca Manik loves snacks, no matter what they are.

Maltesers, potato chips, fruits, chocolate, cheese. You name it, she loves it.


Chef Bianca’s love story with food is the reason why she created Blanchette. Growing up, all she wanted to eat was the perfect chocolate cake loaded with ice cream. So naturally, she started experimenting in the kitchen and making desserts with and for her family at a very young age.


Determined to hone her skills, she studied at Le Cordon Bleu in London, School for European Pastry in Mumbai, Carpigiani Gelato University and finally set up Blanchette in February 2020.

Creating Blanchette

Everyday, unexpected yet intentional desserts

We wanted to create simple flavours, the ones that make you remember the happiest days of your life, while still using exceptional ingredients.


For us, every cake and ice cream we create has a story, a person or a memory attached to it, and we aspire to create desserts that are unexpected, and yet intentional.

Our desserts are meant for every celebration-
from birthdays, cheat days to your everyday cravings and we aspire to create desserts that are as comforting to you as they are to us.

What we use

Exceptional quality is a prerequisite.

​Our ingredients are sourced from handpicked farms and vendors across the country (and sometimes even the world). From single origin chocolates sourced from vendors in France, to Idukki hills; vanilla beans ranging from Madagascar to Kerala and the highest quality of dairy products to bring you the kind of joy that a good dessert should. 

Want to work with us?

Reach out to us here.

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