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The OG Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Our forever favourite at Blanchette!

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Nothing beats a perfect cookie, warm out of the oven, crisp from the edges, chewy from the insides, salty, sweet and overflowing with chocolate (and/or nuts). If that’s what you’re into too, this one is exactly what you’re looking for!

We’ve seen at least 5 renditions of chocolate chunk cookies in the last 2 years at Blanchette, and the best part about ALL of them is that I get to Eat. All. The. Trials.

Of all the different cookies we have made over the years, by far, my favourite has to be the Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookie. It’s not because rolled oats makes me feel like these cookies in any way are “healthy”. It’s because, there’s something so magical about oats as an ingredient. The earthy, nutty tones it brings to baked goods is unparalleled.

Add to that, the amazingness that is browned butter A.K.A, liquid gold. Just typing this, I’m drooling.

Tips to make these the cookies of your dreams:

  • Browning butter is an optional step, but by far the most important. So, what is brown butter? Brown butter is just your regular butter that has been warmed slightly above its melting point. Toasting the milk solids this way brings forward a brilliant, nutty aroma, giving it an extra flavour punch in your recipes. You can use this, or skip out, but my suggestion is to take that 10 minutes extra. I promise it’s worth it.

  • Chunks not chips. Either purchase chocolate bars that you can cut/break into smaller pieces, or use couverture chocolate. Chocolate chips because of its ingredients, tend to hold their shape. You will never get pools of chocolate with them, they will just not melt.

  • Another crucial step to this cookie is after you add the dry ingredients into the eggs and butter mixture. Be careful as to not over mix this. Over-mixing will create gluten which makes cookies very hard. Instead mix slowly until just combined.

  • Chilling the cookie dough for a minimum of 30 minutes allows the butter to solidify in the cookies. This allows your cookie to be thick and chunky instead of flat. We actually let ours age and rest for at least 24 hours before we bake it, it adds a lot of depth to the flavour and helps us create cookies that are evenly browned.

  • Give your cookies some space. While placing your cookie dough on your butter paper, please leave at least 2.5 inches between to cookies, this allows them to spread without becoming one giant cookie instead.

  • Baking cookies is a slightly tricky process. Never ever ever trust your oven. We've given you a rough estimate of 11-12 minutes per cookie in the recipe, but in all honesty it can take more/less time, depending to your oven temperature. Always remove the tray when your cookie is soft from the center and slightly crisp/set on the edges. Remember, cookies cook as they cool out of the oven as well.

The Equipment

  • Baking tray

  • Parchment Paper

  • Large bowls

  • Whisk (We prefer hand mixers or stand mixer though)

  • Spatula

Finally, please find below the actual recipe.

OG Chocolate Chunk Cookies

brownie,chocolate brownie, chocolate, baking ,baking blog, cake, desserts, blanchette, yummy, walnut brownie

The Ingredients

  • 140g butter, browned

  • 145g brown sugar

  • 90g castor sugar

  • 1 egg + 1 yolk

  • 2.5ml vanilla bean paste

  • 250g flour

  • 45g oat flour (Coarsely ground rolled oats)

  • 2g baking soda

  • 2g baking powder

  • 2g sea salt

  • 175g dark chocolate, chopped

  • 75g milk chocolate, chopped

  • Roasted Nuts, as much as you'd like (optional)

The Directions

1. In a saucepan, warm the butter on slow heat and continue whisking until you begin to smell a “nutty aroma” and the butter begins to brown. Allow to solidify in a refrigerator.

2. In a mixing bowl, add the flour, oat flour, baking soda, baking powder and mix. Set aside.

3. Once cooled, add the butter and sugars in a mixing bowl and whisk until well combined.

4. Add the eggs, and vanilla to the butter mixture in a slow stream and whisk until the cookie batter comes together.

5. Add the sea salt and the rest of the dry ingredients to your batter. Continue mixing until the dough begins to come together.

6. To this, add your chocolates/nuts. Mix and set aside.

7. Divide this dough into 80g dough balls (you could also use an ice-cream scooper).

8. Chill this dough for a minimum of 30 minutes in your refrigerator (see note above).

9. Pre-heat the oven to 160 °C.

10. Line a baking tray with butter paper and place dough balls on the same (remember to leave approximately 2.5 inch of space between your cookies as they heat up and spread).

11. Bake cookies for 11-12 minutes, or until the centre is soft but ends are crisp.

12. Allow to cool and serve!

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